Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Wait is Over

Floyd Mayweather Jr. turned 37 on the 24th of February and he has been kind enough to give us a gift of our own. Mayweather announced on twitter, that he with be fight Marcos Maidana on May 3, 2014. Mayweather (45-0, 26 knockouts), the world's number one pound-for-pound fighter and 10-time world champion, will risk his of the 147-pound World Boxing Council title, while Maidana (35-3, 31 KOs), of Argentina, will risk his World Boxing Association title.

Maidana surfaced as a prime contender for Mayweather, when he dominated Adrien Broner on Dec. 14, 2013. Mayweather told Fox Sports, “Marcos Maidana's last performance immediately brought him to my attention," Mayweather said in a statement.  "He is an extremely skilled fighter who brings knockout danger to the ring.  I think this is a great fight for me and he deserves the opportunity to see if he can do what 45 others have tried to do before him -- beat me."

"I am extremely happy to be facing Floyd Mayweather because it will give me the opportunity to show the world that I am the best welterweight in the division," said Marcos Maidana in a press release. Maidana believes he has a strong chance of beating Mayweather, especially after beating someone with a similar defensive style has Floyd.
Tickets for this bout should go on sale soon, once they figure out where they are going to fight. The Brooklyn’s Barclays Center are making a run to host the fight and will be looking to beat out Las Vegas’s MGM Grand, where Mayweather has hosted his last eight fights.

Fight Analyzes
Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a veteran in the ring. He is considered the number one-pound for pound boxer for a reason. His quickness, great defense, and ability to adapt will set the pace to another victory for Floyd “Money” Mayweather Jr. Floyd is going to out box and out class Maidana, But Maidana’s desire to be the best can be dangerous for Mayweather, if he is not careful. The aggressive style of Maidana has earned him knockouts in 82 percent of his victories. Needless to say, May 3rd is going to be a great fight. But in the end, I believe Floyd is going to win by a unanimous decision.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Who is Triple G?

Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin, also known as GGG (Triple G), is one of boxing’s middleweight rising stars. This 31 year old was born in Kazakhstan. In his professional boxing career, he has won 29 fights and 26 of them have been knockouts. He currently has 16 knockouts in a row. He currently holds the greatest knockout ratio in middleweight championship history with an 89.65% knockout percentage rate. Golovkin is a very discipline boxer and he compares himself to the late great Sugar Ray Robinson because of his speed and power.

September 2012, I remember watching Golovkin’s USA debut on HBO Boxing and I thought to myself who is this guy from Kazakhstan? I thought he was a joke because of Sacha Baron Cohen’s character Borat. But Golovkin proved me wrong. He won by knocking out Grzegorz Proksa in the fifth round.

Since his USA debut, I became a fan of Triple G. He has fought five times since then and Golovkin’s power and technique is second to none. He has a great punching power to the body that punishes and breaks down his opponents. Golovkin’s body language in the ring always seems to be poised and he just sticks to the game plan. “The Ring” magazine named Triple G, Fighter of the Year with his 4 victories in 2013.

After defeating Mathew Macklin and CurtisStevens in 2013, Max Kellerman of HBO interviewed Golovkin and asked Triple G, “Who does he want next?” Golovkin called out Serigo Martinez, Middleweight WBC champion. Unfortunately, Martinez has agreed to fight another big name boxer, Miguel Cotto, on June 7, 2014.

Golovkin, in my opinion has proven himself to be an elite boxer and he deserves to fight the best pound for pound boxers. But many critics say that he is not ready and that he has not proven himself. Recently WBA Super Middleweight champion Andre Ward, said that Golovkin is not ready for him and that Golovkin is avoiding him. Nevertheless, Golovkin is going to stick around for a while and he is one of boxing super stars. As a boxing fan, I believe Golovkin needs to be put to the test and he prove he is the best pound for pound boxer out there.

El Chino vs King Khan Outside Ring

Amir Khan (record of 28-3) and Marcos Maidana (record of 35–3) are in a battle again, but not in the ring. They are in the hunt for a title shot with one of boxing's future hall of famers, Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. Hopefully we find out later on this week, which one of these two fighters is going to be the winner of the biggest pay day of their life. The Ring reports, Marcos Maidana and Floyd Mayweather Jr. are expected to talk later today with Al Haymon, adviser to both boxers. Maidana's camp is really optimistic, although the fans have spoken and would like Mayweather to put his skills to the test against "King Khan". According to Mayweather Promotions, the fan voted in favor of Khan. Khan had 20,105 votes to 15,474 votes for Maidana.
Floyd "Money" Mayweather Jr. started the promotion for his next fight on social media.
Twitter 11:51 PM - 2 Feb 2014


In December 2010, Khan and Maidana squared off in what was a considered a candidate for fight of the year. Both fighters went the distance, but Khan came out victorious in a unanimous decision. Khan's style of fighting is a technical one and he beats his opponents with his speed. While Maidana may be bit slower, he can pack a punch with is unpredictable slugger technique that keeps going after his challenger. Maidana recovered from knock down in the first round, by a left hook to the body by Khan. Many believed Maidana would not able to continue, but "El Chino" did and gave Khan trouble in the 3rd round, by delivering a two-punch combination but Khan also recovers by avoiding him at all cost. In the 10th round, Maidana almost puts Khan to the canvas, but again Khan clinches to survive the round. 

Khan is a respectable fighter, but many critics say that he has a weak chin. The three loses that Khan has had, 2 of them were knockouts. Khan has argued that his style of boxing is a better match for Mayweather. Khan told Hustleboss, "There are other fighters who have been quick, who have caused him quite a bit of problems,” Khan explained. “Who have a good jab, who have good, clean, crisp punches. That’s what I bring to the table. I’m a different style. That’s why I think I would give Floyd a lot of problems."

Maidana faced Adrien "The Problem" Broner in December 2013. "El Chino" was impressive in his 12 round victory against "The Problem". Going into the fight Broner was a heavy favorite to win the fight. He was being compared to Mayweather, since they both have a similar style of fighting, prior to his lost against Maidana.


Maidana currently has the hotter more relevant fighter now coming off his December victory, compared to Khan's win back in April 2013. Mayweather, ultimately has the final decision on who he faces on the 3rd of May, 2014. Either he wants to fight a speedy technical "King Khan", who has a weak chin or the powerful unpredictable warrior, slower Marcos Maidana. In the end, we all know that Mr. Mayweather is going to get paid. After all, his nickname is Money.  

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